General PC Issues

This includes such issues as your computer not starting properly, the hard disk continuously spinning, monitor screen not displaying anything, your laptop getting hot, or any other issue which is stopping your computer from working properly.

Slow PC

If your computer is running Ok without any problems other than that it is just running slow, then we can deal with this as well.  For example, it may take a lot longer to power up your computer than it used to.  There are a number of factors that can cause this, so we will investigate and remedy this for you to put your mind at ease accordingly.

Virus Removal

This includes Spyware and Malware as well as viruses.  If your computer is slower than normal, or you keep getting unexpected screens or programs appearing, then it may be infected with a virus.  If you suspect that your computer may have a virus then we can check this for you and remove these.  Trojan and Worm viruses can cause issues with the computer’s registry and can be harder to remove.

Parental Control

In this modern era of ever changing technology our children are learning how to use computers faster and faster.  To feel safe in the knowledge that your children are safe when on-line on the computer then we can setup the Parental Controls for you to achieve this.  This includes setting game time limits and web filtering to protect them from inappropriate web content.

Laptop Issues

Laptops can have various issues that will fall in one of the following categories:

• Start-up or Software issues

• Physical damage, i.e. due to having dropped the laptop for example

• Power related issues

Whatever category your issue falls under we will be able to resolve it for you.

Network and Broadband Installations

Whether you have just bought your first home broadband internet connection, or have just bought a new system from another ISP (Internet Service Provider), we can help you get live and on-line.  We can deal with your ISP for you, if required, to get you up and running.  Your ISP could be Virgin, Sky, or BT for example.

Hardware Upgrades

If after all issues, if any, have been resolved your computer is still running slowly, the time may have come to upgrade your hardware.  In many instances a simple memory upgrade can suffice.

Also, you may want to add new hardware to your computer to gain extra functionality.  For example, installing a new printer or flat-bed scanner for the first time.

In either case, we can upgrade or install the hardware you require for you.

Software Problems

If your computer is experiencing problems caused by software issues, not related to computer start-up issues, we can fix these for you as well.

These types of issues include:

• Need to re-install Windows

• Cleaning the registry

• Virus, Spyware, or Malware removal

• Installation of new software

• Software upgrades

• Maintaining software device drivers

• Resolving software errors messages

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