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We have a very fair and competitive hourly rate that we charge of only 30 per hour, with a minimum 1 hour charge per call out.  Subsequent hours are then charged by rounding up to the nearest half an hour, charged at 15 per half an hour.  For example, a call out lasting 1 hour 10 minutes would be charged at the 1 and a half hour rate of 45 accordingly.

All of our services are charged at the rates described above, with the following exceptions:

  • Virus Removal Service                       50
  • Laptop Repair Services
    • Start-Up / Software Issues        55
    • Hardware Issues                       From 90 + Hardware Costs
    • Power Related Issues               50 - 80

Note also that our Hardware Upgrade Services are also subject to additional hardware costs as well as our standard rates as described above.
Any other service will be unlikely to require additional hardware.  However, in the unlikely event of this happening then these services will also be subject to these additional hardware costs as described.



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